Aug. 8th, 2004

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Pisces Horoscope for 8/9 - 8/15

This week is about overcoming obstacles & finding your new direction.

Once you feel more in control of the situation, you'll be able to get past the negative influence you've been feeling.

Be cautious with who you trust with your financial matters.

Time is on your side, don't make any rush decisions.

Accent is on using your personality to open new doors of opportunity.

Your cycle is high.

You'll be at the right place at the right time.

When it comes to the technical end, listen to others who have the knowledge & experience.

Make sure you insist on having creative control.

Try to get you priorities straight.

Once you realize that everything going on lately is temporary, you'll be able to oversome your emotional feelings.

Your mind is very active & needs some stimulation, too.

Try to combine your ingenuity & creativity in new directions of stress release.

Invite others to spend time with you.

Perhaps taking up gardening, model making or some other craft will help you to put things into a better perspective.

Positive force will allow you to reach a new level & to get past the present.

This horoscope provided by Astrology Source.

Learn about your inner self, friends, and lovers.

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