Aug. 10th, 2004

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Become a God or Goddess.
by zerogirl
God/Goddess ofThe Apocalypse
Animal Companion:Cougar
Weak againstFire
Weapon:Big stick
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Your Name: Cateline de la Mer
Your Date of Birth: 27/02/1979
Your Question or Information: What will happen this month??
the inner world
the outer world
pastSigel : Victory, power, strength, health, the rune of the sun, vitality, drive to work and produce.
Tir : Victory, leadership, success over other competitors, increase in finances, virility and passion (especially for men).
Ehwaz : Abrupt changes, moving into new home and environment, travel, swift change in situation.
Wunjo : Joy, happiness, love, fulfillment in career and home life, the icing on the cake.
Kenaz : The hearth fire, artistic pursuits, healing, love and passion, creativity, strength.
Gebo : Gifts, partnerships on all realms, sex magick, brilliance, integration of energies.
Thurisaz : Beginning new projects, luck-the hand of fate helping you, protection, the hammer of Thor, opening gateways.
Lagaz : Intuition, imagination, success in studies, creativity, vitality and passion (especially for women).
presentNeid : Need, desire, fulfilling those needs, love and sex magick, motivation created by distress.
Isa : Cessation of energy, freezing an issue where it stands, cooling relationships, separation, division.
Ansuz : Communications, wisdom and clarity, to attract others to your cause, increase magickal energy.
Daeg : Increase and expansion, prosperity, growth, major turning points in life, turning in new directions.
Jera : Harvesting tangible results from efforts already sown, fertility, culmination of events, abundance.
Eihwaz : Banishing magick, removal of obstacles and delays, invoking foresight, clearing up hidden issues and situations.
Hagall : Slow, steady pace, no disruptions, asking for a hand from fate within a situation you do not control.
Othel : Material possessions and protection of those possessions, inheritance (can be genetic traits inherited from elders).
futureRaido : Safe travel, movement, obtaining justice in an issue, used to keep a situation from stagnating.
Algiz : Protection, fortunate influences, fate on your side, victory and success, good luck and personal strength.
Mannaz : Cooperation, teamwork, collaboration, help and aid from others, beginning new projects, especially with others.
Uruz : Used to create change, healing, vitality, strength, to boost energy of magickal work.
Berkana : Growth, abundance, fertility, Mother Earth, protection, the zenith of an idea or situation.
Fehu : Increase of wealth and possessions, protection of valuables. Used to send energy on its way, fire in its uncontrolled, primal state.
Perdhro : Unexpected gains, hidden secrets coming to light, discovering that which has been lost, spiritual evolution.
Ing : Fertility, successful conclusion to issue or situation, ending one cycle and beginning another.

new!!! Three Layer Method

Cast the runes here:
Rune Caster
by [info]brindy

Selkie. You are a fun loving, ocean going type of
person. The waves draw you in with their
hypnotic rhythm, and you just can't resist the
siren's lull of the ocean. You are disappointed
in humans, and even your fae cousins for not
appreciating the ocean and all of its wonders.
If only they could see there is more than what
meets the eye; that dreams live under the sea
as well...then maybe they would not scoff.....

What Type of Changeling Are You? (Now Including Pictures for Each Kith)
brought to you by Quizilla
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You are the pinnacle of freakishness--oqiweird.
Your life is just one long tango through the
freak show. I salute you.

Smythe Reisner Abnormality Index (aka Freak Quiz!)
brought to you by Quizilla

the scar you're most proud ofmy stretch marks
your favourite condimentsoy sauce
if you have frecklesno, just moles
your preferred method of cookingtake out
what shoes you're wearingbarefoot
how many children you have1
the first person you french kissedDean (can't remember his last name)
your preferred breed of dogEnglish Springer Spaniel
where you were bornrural BC
what colour underwear you're wearingnone (commando)
where your keys are right nowin my purse
if you have split endsyes
when you last got laida lady doesn't tell
your opinion on airline foodit's not food
what cosmetic surgery you would considerbreast reduction
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onnever tried
your worst maladychicken pox when I was 14
if your mum loves your dadprobably
if you can sing wellyes
what your olympic event would begymnastics (I can still do the splits)
someone you admireGrace Kelly
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapMost of Africa
the last time you criedtoday
your most interesting sexual congress locationwaiting in line for a nightclub
part of the Sunday papers you read firstI don't - too depressing
the languages you speakEnglish, French; also studied German and Spanish
the religion you were raised inProtestant/pentecostal
if you can draw wellhaha no
your favourite photographone of me and my daughter when she was 2 weeks old
what you should be doing instead of thispacking


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