Aug. 19th, 2004

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cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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Hmmm sounds about right!
(from [ profile] patgund)
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Which random kitten picture are you
You are:
This quiz by lebowski - Taken 44580 Times.
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Your LJ movie
LJ Username
Favourite colour
You will fall in love with fhlaithbbertaig
but they will cheat on you with brittlegrasses
Your sympathetic best friend is ericthemad
You will end up back with them again TRUE
This quiz by catmcroy - Taken 1 Times.
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Your Ultimate One Night Stand... by crispnite
LJ Username
Favorite animal
You invite over...
They bring...
You talk about...
You end up...having a picnic
Quiz created with MemeGen!

(from [ profile] baronghetto)
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Olympic Disasters!
LJ Username
Country of origin
Misses Diving pool entirely divinedalliance
Struck by wayward Shotput macklou13
Causes riot at Basketball game divinedalliance
Falls through ring in Boxing event vonne
Mortally crotched by Balance Beam sylverstone
Mishaps way into winning Decathelon pameladean
This QuickKwiz by deuceloosely - Taken 1507 Times.
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Your Strange Sexual Fetish
LJ Username
favourite genre of music
you relate best to a
do you scrapbook?
your fetish
who introduced you to such debauchery? fhlaithbbertaig
you two get together every other thursday, along with quizdiva
cost of your fetish per month $198.67
percent population that shares your fetish - 64%
will you become an addict? (8) - Outlook not so good. - (8)
This cool quiz by ninasoldada - Taken 2903 Times.
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(blame [ profile] atalantapendrag)
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What Faith & the Muse album are you
LJ Username
Favourite colour
Style of dress
You are
and you are listening to it with verian
This cool quiz by catmcroy - Taken 1 Times.
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