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You are a Gypsy! Dancing and parties are your kinda
thing! You like having fun all the time and
never seem to be in the same place twice. You
have an interesting outlook on life, but
usually do all your living at night by the
fires of the gypsy camps. You entice people
with stories and song, its never a dull moment
with you around.

What Renaissance Type Woman are you? (with pics)
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Lunar Mist
Moon Mist, you are generally a sad person who
dosent really give anything a chance. You may
feel like life isn't worth living. You may also
be lonely, you don't need friends but your soul
needs someone to share its pain with. Finding
someone to acompany you creates something
beutiful, just like the moon with a mist to
cover it, it creates a scene full of mystery
and inspiration.

What Kind of Mist are you? (Pics!!!)
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Bastard Sword
Bastard Sword, although used by many europeans in
medievil times this sword was more of a
collecters sword and was less used for fighting
and more used for looking at, and would only be
used by great warriors or lords/kings. (Please

What sword would you use (info and pics on swords as well)
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Congratulations, your random word is DEFENESTRATION.

What is your random word?
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Blodeuedd - Blodeuedd is the Celtic Pandora. She is
created by

Gwydion son of Don as a wife for his newphew,
prince Lleu

Llaws, because Lleu's mother decreed that he will
not have

a mortal wife. She was made from oak blossoms and

assorted flowers, therefore was unearthly

However, she was unfaithful to Lleus and was

into an owl.

Who's your inner pagan goddess?
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Which woman of Shakespeare are you?
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