Feb. 27th, 2002 10:36 pm
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just got home...what an evening!

Happy birthday to me!!

Had a good time out with my friends...my SCA parents showed up (to surprise me..I was pleasantly surprised!!!) and everything :)

Had a g&t for appy and then roasted garlic linguini for main course and a humoungous piece of chocolate fudge cake for dessert (friends covered appy and desert)..restaurant was child-friendly even--moved furniture, setout her play blankie and arranged her toys on it. She slept for part of the evening in an easy chair there..what a nice baby! :)


Feb. 27th, 2002 06:56 pm
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So...it's been an odd birthday this year..almost un-birthday-ish in its suckiness.

High point: my mom buying me a new pair of slacks and a new cookbook. Having lunch with my grandmother.

Low point: Having my grandmother's reject neighbour "borrow" MY baby w/out asking and then returning her in tears. Trying to nap all afternoon and still feeling tired. Not getting near the puter virtually all freaking day (thanks "sis"). Barely getting to talk to my hubby. Steph's big poop this morning.

Supposed to be going out for dinner any minute and of course I'm going to be late :(
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Happy birthday to me...

I love being woken up at 4:15 on my birthday..really I do..no, I mean it..thank you Stephanie...

So anyways..I'm 23 today.

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