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Aug. 3rd, 2004 03:10 pm
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Soo...after waiting 3 weeks i'll finally have an appointment with my lawyer to clarify/alter bits of the seperation agreement so that we can send it on to David. What fun. It was supposed to be perfect and finalized and crap ALREADY so that we could speed thru the divorce. Sure wish lawyer had told me that she wsa taking a holiday...1 hour till the appt. I think I'll go back to chewing my nails.
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it's 7:30 and hubby and I were supposed to "talk"...but guess what...he isn't here. I wish I could say I'm surprised but this fits in with the general pattern of extreme jerkiness recently;.meh
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Well..someone's appetit has increased :)

Yesterday she had two servings of applesauce for lunch (serving being the amount that fits in one block of an ice cube tray--we fill up a tray, freeze it and warm it up for her, one block at a time) and then today it was two servings of yams...

My baby girl is growing up too quickly!!! And I haven't talked to her dad in a week (sigh..why his family had to move right in the middle of milestone central I don't know :( and why he hasn't called I also don't know :( )


Mar. 17th, 2002 10:59 pm
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List of foods that Steph has tried and her reaction(s) to them

1. Banana from a jar--late January. Total flop. She wouldn't go for it at all.
2. Banana, smushed slightly--mid February. Fairly big hit (is even bigger now) once she figured out how to keep it in her mouth.
3. Pablum--late February. First two times she tried it, it was a hit. Noww..she doesn't like it.
4. Puffed Wheat--early March. She makes/made the weirdest faces but still wants more. Big hit.
5. Arrowroot biscuits--March 17. Huge hit. Ate almost all of hte first one we gave her.

Man I hate being sniffly and having a cold. Hubby hasn't been online today and I really need to talk to him.

We were given like 2 huge bags of baby clothes so I spent a lot of today washing, folding and sorting laundry. Bleah. Oh least I won't have to buy baby clothes for awhile.
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I need to talk to my better of course he isn't talking to me *grr* men! Really really need to talk to him before I go mental stewing over the issue at hand...


oh well at least I had fun last night...saw Danu ( at possible, you MUST see them..They are so so so good. It was even worth coming home to find that Steph had screeched for the entire 2.5 hours I was gone (oops!)


Feb. 14th, 2002 08:11 pm
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Just got back!! Had a great, scrumptious time!!!!!!!!!!

We each a great, big 1/2lb New york steak @7$each..also came witrh potatoes, veggies, salad, soup and desert,, plus cheap drinks!!! I am a happy kitty!!

Not having the baby along helped too :)

Soo...we got home to a still-happy but hungry baby who launched herself at me, ate and fell asleep... :)

And then her daddy gave me a whole bunch of Godivas. Yum!
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Small girl slept for 12 hours last night...thank goddess!!

A full night's sleep is definately one of life's simple pleasures!

And this morning she cooperated nicely by playing in her swing for awhile so her dad and I could hang out for a bit ;)

Well, the poopy diaper that preceded the playing in the swing was beyond vile...but hey...

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